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This Is reformed. I have been out of the breeding business . I have been doing studies on Breeders. some are Back-yard Breeders. Some are back-yard puppy mill. Some are high class pets that have classy parents that breed to better the breed . They are having puppies only 2 show Quality Show Dogs. So for years since 01 I have been interviewing breeders.

REALIZATION THERE ARE VERY FEW SHOW QUALITY BREEDERS. I have met some wonderful people who have pets. I have met horrible people who have products with a bar code tatooted on them with no name just a number. Those people I report to the Police so no worries Right Wrong. As you can see I am not putting up a foo foo website with lies deciet etc I am putting a free website to tell you the TRUTH about how to get your pet 1st SAFELY 2nd with sound parents AKC with testing done.